We believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing Creator-God Who has fashioned His universe, probably in the image of His own Heavenly realm. We believe He then placed humans, made in the image of Himself-He is a spiritual Trinity, was as earthly families- in this very good universe to manage it for Him.

We believe that the pride of humans led them to attempt to usurp God’s authority as Ruler of the universe, and that in consequence both humans and universe have been corrupted and damaged, and that we are condemned to be destroyed.

We believe that God, in His omniscience, anticipated such a rebellion, and had already formed a plan that would redeem humankind and the scarred universe. This plan would evolve through a chosen servant (Abraham), a chosen nation (Israel), a body of divine law, a series of divinely-controlled tribulations, a message proclaimed by chosen prophets, a personal visit to the earth by God’s own Son, His death and resurrection.

We believe that when God had completed His love-act redeeming us, He then ordained us as His witnesses to the entire world, and equipped us to do this task of witness by sending His Holy Spirit among us.

We therefore believe that God requires of us a total stewardship of our personal selves, our time, our gifts, and our treasure; our families and any friends we may influence to join us in His holy work; and that He expects that total stewardship to call us to personal piety and to social action. We believe that He wants to use us in sanctuary and in market-place, to preach conversion and civic justice, as church members and as professionals or students or homemakers, as total servants bringing a total message to the total human condition. We believe that we are privileged to be partners with God in the redeeming of the damaged human race and the bruised universe.